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You can earn solid gold and silver coins with each investment made!

That’s right! SDCoinCo is giving away free coins.¬†Immediately add to your investment and cover the margin by receiving coins with every purchase.

We are excited about the use of gold and silver investments. There is nothing like holding gold or silver in your hand and you can hold just a little more for investing with SDCoinCo

How it works

Simply use our secure investor form to let us know what you are looking for and we will present an invoice and shipping details. Also you will receive:

$1000 and above – Silver Dime
$2500 and above – Silver Quarter
$5000 and above – Silver Dollar

$25,000 and above – 1/10th oz American Gold Eagle
$50,000 and above – 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle
$100,000 and above – 1/2 oz American Gold Eagle
$250,000 and above – 1 oz American Gold Eagle